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project, she is taking on the challenging role of the late legendary former texas governor ann richards, an outspoken, passionate liberal leader who left a huge impact on her conservative state of texas. richards' long, lone start state career began in the 1950s and included landmark political battles with the texas bury rock see on issues including civil rights, abortion, and gun control and the budget. she governed texas from 1991 to 1995 when she lost a fierce election to george w. bush, whose father she once famously said was, quote, born with a silver foot in his mouth. her one-woman play gives us new insite into the private life of a woman who tried to create a new texas and opening its prebroad way run this week in washington at the kennedy center. welcome. >> what a mouthful that was. >> that was. >> i got through all of that. i didn't want to do a one-person show at this time in my life, and b, i didn't go looking for a subject. this subject found me. it was really a case of being very inspired in the months after her death. a sense of loss for myself personally. she meant more
waters. the dog is now in good condition. >>> a texas man didn't get away with much of anything during a recent robbery attempt. surveillance cameras caught the thief stealing an empty cash register from a fast food register. police later found him and arrested him on suspected theft charges. >>> around the country nursing mothers held what they call nurse-ins. this happening at target stores. it happened last month when a nursing mother in texas said she was treated rudely by confrontational target employees who removed her to a fitting room. she since has started a facebook page which launched the nationwide demonstration against restrictive corporate breast-feeding policies. >>> and finally, 40-degree weather didn't stop one group of friends from having a good time on a new york lake. they braved frigid continues to feed what they call their water skiing addiction. i think one of them had a santa hat on, too. got to love that. >>> for a look at your national and regional weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins with your weather channel forecast. good morning to you, bill. 40 d
. it's been a very wet weekend, unfortunately. areas like louisiana and eastern texas, we've had snow this weekend, actually. lubbock up towards amarillo and north texas, this storm will be the one that's going move up the eastern seaboard, mostly as a big rain event starting today through tomorrow into wednesday morning. the backside of that, though, could have a little bit of snow. so as far as the radar goes this morning, rain still falling in areas of louisiana. now it's getting heavier in areas of mississippi. as the storm tracks pretty much an inland track up through central new england, the back side of the storm should have a little bit of snow. we're talking ohio possibly western new york. you could end up with white stuff tomorrow into tomorrow night. for today, we're pretty good in the east coast, just a lot of rain in the deep south. that's a look at your national forecast. now here is a look at the weather outside your window. rally, north carolina, beautiful day today. in the mid 50s with a lot of sunshine. boston, mid 40s is pretty nice. it will be windy this morning be
brain, a broken eye socket and a broken nose. >>> house speaker newt gingrich and texas governor rick perry will not be included in virginia's primary. they failed to collect the required 10,000 signatures before the deadline last thursday. a spokesman for the gingrich campaign said earlier today that they would be launching an investigation. virginia does not allow write-in candidates on primary ballots. former massachusetts governor mitt romney and texas congressman ron paul will both be on the march 6th primary ballot. >>> well, it wasn't a christmas miracle for the redskins. but for a while it looked like they could pull out a win today. dan, what you got? >> reporter: happy christmas eve, aaron. so much for that season-ending momentum for the redskins. one week after beating the giants, a team that's fighting for a play-off spot, they can't get it done against the two-win vikings. they drop to 5-10 on the year. it's their sixth loss of the season at home. where home field advantage has simply been nonexistent. the redskins were actually hoping and expecting to get their sixth win
for the white house calling him, quote, mature and reasonable, not a bomb-thrower. bush, a texas resident, told the paper while he likes rival candidate and texas governor rick perry, he says he's, quote, not surging forward. while bush's comments were not a formal endorsement, they still give an important boost to the romney campaign less than two weeks before the iowa caucuses. >>> overseas where a deadly crackdown by syria's government has continued without let up, despite the arrival of arab league delegates. human rights activists say at least six people were killed in fresh attacks by government forces yesterday. amateur video shows black smoke and flames in one syrian city after alleged shelling by president al assad's forces. arab league arrived thursday ahead of monitors to assess whether the government is complying with a peace initiative. reports coming in from state-controlled syrian tv this morning which says, quote, terrorists, unquote, have attacked security facilities in damascus. >>> a look at other stories making news early today in america. police have tracked down a group of
with former massachusetts governor mitt romney, both with 30%. texas congressman ron paul came in a distant second with 15%. meanwhile, that same poll found that while most americans still disapprove of president obama's handling of the economy, his overall approval rating is at its highest since march at 49%. >>> with uncertainty surrounding the future in north korea this morning, mourners are paying their last respects to their late supreme leader, kim jong-il. the long-time ruler's body has been laid out for a week-long viewing. kim jong-un joins top north korean officials. last night secretary of state hillary clinton urged the north korean people to pursue a new path of peace, prosperity and engagement. >>> back here at home, parts of the southwest and central plains are getting hammered by a deadly snowstorm that's unleashed heavy snow and fierce winds. blizzard conditions are being blamed for two deaths in colorado while whiteout conditions are making for treacherous travel in new mexico, oklahoma, and northwestern kansas. in the texas panhandle, national guard troops were called to
for this texas girl so i'm from texas, saw frost on the car yesterday morning, wow, we have come a long ways. >> and the frost all over the grass, pretty widespread across the area. >> cold stuff but it is the first week in december and welcome to you. >> thanks, chuck, good to be here. >> not a texas alumni are you? >> no, i'm not a texas alumni. i have to be careful because that can be sensitive. >> it can be sensitive depending on where you spend your time and who has the mug. >> i've spent many years in texas. >> if you wear longhorns that's trouble in my world. that's all right. >> i've been told to also watch the dallas cowboy lingo around here. >> well you won't get any fights from me on that one. outside on a beautiful saturday morning, clear skies, allowed temperatures to drop off well below freezing in many spots especially out to the west of washington. in downtown we're still holding on to 37 degrees but it's 27 in mannasas, 27 culpeper, 28 in leesburg and ashburn, 35 degrees in arlington this morning, 30 degrees in waldorf and laplata. we will be 100% dry all weekend long but th
consider him to be armed and dpangerous. >> thank you, darcy. police in texas are investigating a christmas tragedy tonight. seven people were found dead inside a single apartment. it happened this morning. it happened in grapevine, texas near dallas. police say four women and three men were all shot to death. the victims range in age from 18 to 60 years old. police say it appears the victims are all related in some way. officers who responded to the scene say it is one of the most tragic incidents they have ever encountered. well this cell phone video of a deadly blaze that left five dead in connecticut early this morning. the three children and their grandparents, died after a fire ripped through their stanford home. the children any mother, a well-known advertising executive, and a family friend, got out alive. fire fighters fried several times to rescue the people inside. but the intense heat from the flames kept pushing them back. fire officials say the cause of the fire is still under investigation. gop presidential candidate newt gingrich says, not making it on to prit marthe primary
, they ought to fix it. >> texas governor rick perry also failed to get enough signatures to appear on the ballot. that means mitt romney and ron paul will be the only republican options for voters when they heado the polls on march 6th. >>> it is now 5:09. 44 degrees. a tragic story out of texas, seven people found shot to death on christmas morning. what authorities say the victims were it's the perfect time to find great deals on the 4g lte devices you love. like the droid bionic by motorola for $199.99. or the pantech breakout for $49.99. our lowest price ever. get the technology you love, on the network you deserve. and for a limited time, get twice the data for the same low price. verizon. >>> welcome back to weather and traffic on the ones. time now is 5:11. this is the kind of morning where you want to grab your favorite fleece jacket and butt it on. we're at 46 degrees, not too chilly. but with the wind blowing, you want to grab something to stay a little warmer. adams morgan at 46. aspen hill at 43 degrees. a few clouds have been drifting through the area. all in all, toda
ballot. the state's republican party says texas governor rick perry and newt gingrich did not meet the required minimum 10,000 signatures from registered voters. that numr must also include 400 signatures from each of the state's 11 districts. perry's campaign says it will review the facts to see if an appeal the warranted. gingrich has not yet commented. meanwhile mitt romney and ron paul will be on the ballot. virginia's primary falls on march, super tuesday. >>> donald trump is no longer republican. the real estate mogul changed his voter registration to unayiluated yesterday. he says it keeps his options open for a possible presidential run in 2012 as an independent candidate. trump has said if he does not approve of the republican candidate chosen to oppose president barack obama he would consider entering the race. >>> cuba is releasing 2900 prisoners. but a potomac, maryland, man held for spying is not one of them. alan gross is not included on the list of inmates pardoned. that despite the fact that most are over the age of 60 and in poor health as is gross. he was arrested
fast track approval of the keystone oil pipeline from canada to texas. opposed by environmentalists but backed by some unions and many conservatives. >> the keystone pipeline will create, as have been said, 20,000 to 25,000 jobs or more immediately. >> reporter: but president obama who wants more study of the pipeline vows to veto today's bill if keystone is included. he's escalating the fight, urging democrats to hold up the latest government spending bill until the house passes a plain payroll tax cut extension. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, capitol hill. >>> a bold new push from the national transportation safety board is calling for an all-out ban of cell phone use while driving. that means no texting, no talking, not even hands-free devices. and now it is up to the states to carry out that recommendation. nbc's brian mooar has details. >> reporter: what began as a school bus trip in missouri ended in a deadly chain collision crash and more than a year later it's leading to a call for an outright ban on drivers using mobile phones. >> and, yes, that does apply to bluetooth, ha
basin right now. as that gets going it will enhance rainfall in texas and kind of streak out through the plains, even make its way toward chicago into late saturday into sunday. there's a look at it for today. travelwise across a good portion of the east looking decent, new york and boston, up through northern and central lower michigan may see a few snow showers. some rain through texas today but we'll get that going into the weekend. as this system blows out through portions of new mexico and oklahoma, we'll see increasing chances for showers and some could be freezing rain, switching to snow through northwest kansas. there's a look at the region. a busy setup across the country. let's check out your local forecast. philadelphia, at least looking for a pretty decent day today. on the cool side this morning, 51 degrees with sunshine by this afternoon. cleveland, may see a few snowflakes mixing in. not expecting a big snow setup. memphis coming in with sun. so, a number of beautiful areas across the country. we'll touch on a few as for some it will be a sleep-in saturday and some a s
overnight in areas of kol koshlgs lots of heavy rain in eastern texas which we're still in the middle of the historic drought so we'll take any downpours we can get. will make for a wet commute in areas of shreveport into arkansas. you can see the plume here, houston, looks like you'll be in the mid- of this heavy rain through your morning rush hour. also, during the day today, new orleans, all of mississippi will get soaked and even tennessee as this plume of moisture continues to move to the northeast. in is the snow up here. it came down through the front range. it's not widespread but through the front range it's definitely a good snowfall. denver, this is in the sweet spot where you're picking up 6 to. that drive down i-25 is rough this morning. just light snow out there in areas of kansas. eventually, the storm is heading for new mexico. albuquerque, only an inch or two are for you. the hill country, any elevations will see a significant storm out of this. notice a little snow our computers are painting here up through northern, maybe central new england. that will be tomorrow m
the weekend. >> i will tell you, texas politics is a contact sport. >> and coming to the kennedy center, and toug yeah, i'm married. does it matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah, i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm at three in the morning. who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing, jake from state farm? [ jake ] uh... khakis. she sounds hideous. well she's a guy, so... [ male announcer ] another reason more people stay with state farm. get to a better state. ♪ >>> right now, drivers in prince georges county are dealing with the aftermath of more than three inches of rain overnight. drivers in marlboro had to drive carefully because of the flooding. >>> and the police are investigating the sexual assault in the laundry room of the complex. a woman was followed into the laundry room and held at knifepoint. >>> we have breaking news for you now. former penn state football coach, jerry sandusky is out of jail. he posted $250,000 bail this morning. police arrested sandusky yester
. if something's wrong, they ought to fix it. >> texas governor rick perry failed to get enough signatures to appear on the ballot. that means mitt romney and ron paul will be the only republican options for voters when they head to the polls on march 6th. >>> president obama is celebrating christmas in hawaii. the first family spent a quiet morning at their beach house and then went to a nearby marine corps base to attend church services. everybody dressed casually for the occasion. the obamas spent the holiday with a small group of friends and family. no public events are planned for the president during his vacation. >>> the calendar might say december 26th, but many are celebrating christmas this morning thanks to the release of some new basketball shoes. news 4's megan mcgrath joins us from the mall at prince george's. megan, good morning to you. have you seen these shoes yet? >> reporter: i have seen them online. they're very brightly colored, and they're aren't a lot of them. there's a lot of demand. take a look at this line at the mall at prince george's. folks have been here all n
. that is going to bring a lot of rain to texas where we do it will come to texas where we need it and it will get in the way of holiday travel plans into christmas eve. there is rain and snow in texas. believe it or not. if you're dreaming of a white christmas some of you will get your wish. be careful traveling. interstate 20 and i-10, that system heads into the southeast by christmas day itself as you unwrap presents from birmingham to atlanta. if you want a white christmas, you will have to head well north. northern new england your best chance for a white christmas and much of the west. very thick snow pack from the rockies down into new mexico where every ski resort in new mexico is open. there is good news if you want to try out the new skis and snowboards this year. kate, back to you. >> a lot of brown on that map though. kelly cass, thanks so much. >>> now to the other mad rush playing out at the mall. it was discouraging today to see the lack of holiday spirit on display when a certain coveted sneaker went on sale. that's right. people were fighting over sneakers today. across the countr
female soldier was specialist britney hampton, from texas. >> i'm just proud, honestly. i'm glad it's over. a sense of relief. >> reporter: military families like hers carried the burden of this war. other americans at times preferred to ignore. hampton's father served four tours in iraq. she's finishing one. her fiance did one too. >> we're going to have christmas at our house this year. that's all i'm looking forward to, all i can think about. >> reporter: now it is over, after many are struggling with injuries, trauma, divorce and anger. today, the troops left with their spirits high. >> it is a great day for not just for me, but for everybody. all the sacrifices the united states made and over the course of the iraq war. >> reporter: a controversial war, perhaps not mission accomplished, but at least now mission complete. also, lester, after all of these years of war, the iraqis have paid a heavy price, about 150,000 iraqis killed since the conflict began. and here it is, lester, the last vehicle. and you can see where the soldiers wrote in chalk, just that, last vehicle out of
house speaker newt gingrich and texas governor rick perreal not be included in virginia's republican primary. both men failed to collect the required 10,000 signatures of registered voters before the deadline last thursday. a spokesman for gingrich said earlier today that they'd be launching an aggressive write-in campaign. virginia doesn't allow write-in candidates, though, on primary ballots. former massachusetts governor mitt romney and texas congressman ron paul lob that march 6th primary ballot. >>> still ahead tonight, the royal family celebrating christmas eve without its patriarch. plus a celebrity break-up at a hefty price. the biggest divorce payout in hollywood history. hi, it's dave. [ robotic voice ] if you are satisfied with your message -- [ beep ] hi. dave here. [ male announcer ] for dave, using citibank's online bill pay is as easy as setting up voicemail. hi, it's dave. [ male announcer ] actually, it's easier. hi, it's dave. i'm out of the office. [ male announcer ] online bill pay. easier banking. standard at citibank. really? [ male announcer ] kate uses her cit
a texas teen that has people around the world listening. >>> and to the moon. tonight, inside the mission being called the biggest since we landed there. being called the biggest since we landed there. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. i'm harry smith, in for brian tonight. five days to go and iowans can't blink without seeing or hearing or bumping into a republican presidential candidate. the candidates are making final arguments before tuesday's caucus claiming they have the record, the values and the right stuff to win the nomination and win next november. chuck todd and peter alexander are in iowa tonight. we begin with peter in mason city. peter, good evening. >> reporter: harry, good evening to you. one sign that mitt romney's campaign is gaining confidence and looking forward to the opportunity to win here in iowa next week is the fact that today they announced they will host a party after tuesday night's caucuses and then stay overnight to do tv interviews before heading to new hampshire where romney is heavily favored. befo
. chicago bringing snow that could affect detroit and parts of michigan. to the south, el paso, texas snow showers in that region and parts of west texas. but, that is it. the entire nation, really the entire nation is on the dry side. you can see the snow showers toward the great lakes through the day tomorrow. then snow and rain around dallas and houston. that could be the one problem area tomorrow, east texas. watch out down there if you are traveling to east texas or louisiana tomorrow. rain, other than that, nice. the warmest air to the southeast. atlanta to orlando looking at nice weather. for us, the weather is nice, too. 41 in gaithersburg. 48 in washington. 43 in manassas and 50 in fredericksburg. i'll be back to show you the christmas forecast in a minute. >> thank you, doug. >>> if you are not traveling, maybe you are still shopping. professional procrastinators are at the malls tonight to finish their shopping. jane watrel is at tyson's corner in the middle of the madness. >> reporter: i am in the middle of the madness. we are in the final stretch of the holiday shopping marath
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family in texas. >>> meanwhile, a man in texas was detained today for taking military-grade explosives into an airport. it happened at the midland international airport just before 9:30 this morning. a city spokesperson said the explosives were found as a man was going into the terminal. the fbi took the man into custody but would not make any further comments. a sweep of the airport was performed and all operations are back normal tonight. >>> still ahead, why it's about to get more expensive to go shopping in montgomery county. >>> plus, the rush is on. why you might call this super saturday for thrift stores. >>> taking a look at the new year's celebration in sydney, australia. fireworks lit up the sky over the famous sydney opera house and sydney bridge. [ monica ] i'm away on a movie shoot and it hasn't been going exactly as planned. cut. cut! [ monica ] i thought we'd be on location for 3 days -- it's been 3 weeks. so i had to pick up some more things. good thing i've got the citi simplicity card. i don't get hit with a fee if i'm late with a payment... which is good because on t
victim because she owed him money for the work he had done. disturbing there. >>> a texas high school championship game celebration came to a painful ending at cowboys stadium. the winning coach was among seven people mowed down by a run away electric cart after the title game. all the injuries were minor and it's still unclear how the unmanned vehicle became moving under its own power. >>> and finally, santa had an unforgettable gift for one young boy in kansas. moments after he told st. nick he wanted his dad home for christmas, the 3-year-old's father popped out of a nearby box. dad is home on leave after serving two tours in iraq and redeploys in january. >>> now for a look at your national and regional weather, here is nbc meteorologist bill karins with the weather channel forecast. good morning to you, bill. >> that's the way to travel back from the war zone, on santa's sled, it's fast. >> he has an in on the air space. >> especially if you're in that box the whole trip. >> good morning, everyone. hope you had a wonderful weekend. major winter storm, one with of the first of dec
the house of worship was totally destroyed. >>> a cold weather front in texas produced the season's first snowfall as well as treacherous driving conditions in several parts of the state. light snow mixed with icy road conditions caused several rollovers and smash-ups. the weather conditions also led to school shutdowns and power outages in western and northern cities. >>> the cold weather isn't stopping the traffic to one texas woman's home. judy has collected nearly 3,000 nativity scenes over a decade. tourists have even stopped by to get a peek at the holiday themed souvenirs she's picked up from all oef the world. her husband had to build a separate house for them. >>> finally, right or wrong, north carolina pet owners are adding some color to their holiday celebrations. they are taking their dogs to a spa that specializes in full-body coloring of animals with pet-safe dyes or the lesser stencil decorations. they say calls for the service have been coming in for the last three months. >>> now for a look at your national and regional weather here's meteorologist bill karins with your w
everywhere, even florida is chillier this morning. we're still cold down there in texas. so, today we get rid of that big storm. it's a quiet but chilly december day from the rockies all the way to the eastern seaboard. that's a look at your national forecast. now here's a look at the weather outside your window. atlanta, georgia, breezy, chilly 52. denver, colorado, temperatures are very cold. look out for freezing drizzle. dallas, texas, 53 and partly cloudy. pretty potent storm but it is flying out of here so it won't affect too many people's early morning commute. >>> banks rise, boeing and its workers make peace and what makes a perfume cost $1 million? your early morning business headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, not content with nearly running for president in south carolina's primary, stephen colbert has much bigger plans. >>> coming up, the marlins make another splash. sidney crosby is back on the shelf. and a questionable call leads to overtime in college hoops. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning and welcome back to "early today." i'm lynn berry. here are some of
yesterday in texas. we did but we didn't have too much severe weather. just light rain. dallas/ft. worth, you look okay but cool with a slight chance of showers. the only areas that are cold right now, below freezing, is out here in the northern rockies and central rockies. everyone's above freezing in the east. it's an amazingly warm weather pattern. temperature as far north as boston today, 52. only cool air, northern plains. now here's a look at the weather outside your window. today in ohio, mostly just areas of light rain. could be a heavier downpour. temperatures are very warm. raleigh, north carolina, heading up almost 70 degrees today. boston at 52. minneapolis, a little cooler today than yesterday. and this rain will be out shortly looks like a dry weekend for a lot of us. >> bill, thanks so much. >>> everything falls on wall street except for fear. your early morning business headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, who would have thought she showed up on time, dressed okay and got along with the judge. lindsay lohan finally has a good day in court. >>> coming up, chris paul is
to charity. anonymous says it will wreak plenty more havoc throughout the week. >>> and police in texas are trying to piece together a family history after a man dressed in a santa costume shot six of his relatives before turning the gun on himself. police in grapevine just outside ft. worth say the shooter showed up in costume christmas morning as family members were opening presents. a few minutes later people in the complex reported hearing gunfire. police found the bodies of four women, two men, and a teenage boy inside. >>> a robber in north carolina hoping to steal some cold hard cash got knocked out cold instead. the man walked into a we buy gold store in hendersonville just before closing on friday wearing that hoody and bandanna. then he flashed a gun. he came behind the counter and demanded some money, but as he went to take the cash, the clerk pow, he sucker punched and knocked him out unconscious. >> instead of putting it right into the bag, i stuck it out here and said, just take it, just cake take it. when he reached out, i took a step in. i cocked back and preloaded and h
across kansas and the texas panhandle to allow crews to clear snow and treacherous patches of ice. snow drifts were up to 10 feet high. >>> well, now here's a look at other stories making news early today in america. los angeles police rushed in to rescue a 4-year-old little girl who was allegedly kidnapped by her father. the suspect led officers on a long pursuit after the girl's mother reported the alleged abduction. he was eventually arrested and the girl was not harmed. >>> a flight headed for georgia ended tragically on a new jersey highway. part of a small aircraft scattered after it smashed into the wooded area. the pilot, his wife, their two children and a family friend were killed. >>> holiday tragedy also struck a georgia family in texas when a small plane crash killed all five on board. the pilot, his wife, two children and brother perished in the rural area crash. >>> the winner of a raffle, which gave him a brand new la lamborgini wrecked the car after driving over black ice, only six hours after receiving the key. the car is insured and it will be repaired. you should see
mexico, even west texas. we have a ton of heavy rain this weekend that continues this morning through arkansas, tennessee, up through areas of kentucky. we're starting to see a changeover from some of that rain to snow in west texas. here is the setup. another mild morning for the eastern seaboard of i-95. another rainey morning for you from the mississippi valley, tennessee valley, up into the ohio valley. and then just bitterly cold air has escaped canada and rushing down through areas of colorado. as far as the rain/snow goes, here is the transition, from midland, you're cold enough for snow. abilene, you're getting snow. we have winter storm warnings for many areas of new mexico and it's plenty cold in albuquerque where you're watching the snowflakes fly this morning. minus 6 in denver. everywhere in white is in the negative numbers. from the northern rockies to the northern plains, it feels like the milths of winter. but the rest of the east coast feels like late or middle fall. here is your forecast for today. notice the warm air. 60s in d.c. but that rainey weather from dallas,
stores. a mother in texas said she was harassed for nursing her baby in the target store. we spoke to one woman at a target in sterling, virginia, who wanted to show her support. it's a hard thing nursing a baby. it's incredibly difficult. we do it with friends who don't approve, with friends who doecht understand. i don't want people looking at me cross eyed when i'm feeding my baby next to someone using a bottle approximately. >> a target spokesperson said they have a policy of allowing women to nurse anywhere in the store. >>> maryland will receive more than $28 million to help provide more children with health care coverage. they're one of 23 states who received the bonus payment for helping improve access to medicaid and the children's health insurance program. this is the second year maryland has received the bonus. >>> a prime piece of roadway in georgetown will soon be up for sale. developers around the country will soon be able to place their bids on this building, the west heating plant near the water front. the federal government decided to sell the building since it has outliv
its assets. pottery born will continue operating stores elsewhere. >>> police in texas have a video that shows a guy stealing a cash register from a restaurant last night. he kept it and kept running even after finding throughout was no cash inside. they are treating this crime as a theft and not a robbery. >>> coming up a bar in georgetown will not be open on new year's eve. >>> the warm winter is terrible for skiing near washington but there is hope. >>> we'll tell you about something in new york called good rid answer day. a lot of women >>> new year's eve won't be the same in georgetown on saturday. a popular bar and nightclub, third edition is closing for five days after being caught serving alcohol to minors. it also faces a type. a message on their website who says they bought advanced tickets for the new year's eve party will be contacted shortly. >>> mothers in the d.c. area protested after a mother in texas says she was treated rudely by employees at a target store for breast-feeding her son in one of the stores. a manager in virginia told us that the company has a policy
in our direction. and again, look who's getting the white stuff on christmas day. amarillo, texas, up into the western parts of the oklahoma panhandle. for us, just a clear sky out there. and since we're not going to get a white christmas, it turned out to be a beautiful day today. mostly clear skies will be the rule through the remainder of the overnight hours. a little front to our north. any snow showers will stay on the western side of the ridge line. no concerns for us. monday sunshine turns into a chilly monday night and rain is back into the picture as we get into the second half of the day on tuesday. so for the remainder of your overnight hours, clear skies and a little bit on the cool and breezy side. wake-up temperatures, as i mentioned, in the 30s. then tomorrow, sunshine again, temperatures into the upper 40s to near 50 degrees, but all in all, pleasant by late december standards. keep in mind, our average high now is 44 degrees. and look at that. every high temperature, oh, there's santa claus, a surprise last-minute appearance there. >> working late. >> i got to tell sa
, fort worth in texas said the man who killed his family was dressed as santa claus. the shooter showed up in costume while the family was opening presents and just opened fire. the victims ranged in age from 15 to 60. police are trying to piece together a family history there. >>> four dozen people facing charges after the rites that broke out at penn state when the school fired joe paterno. thousands of students took to the street. the police have charged 45 people and may file additional charges on others. five facing felony charges for tipping over that tv news van. university police charged two people accusing them of stealing a parking meter. >>> first responders up in new york city who claim that toxic air at ground zero made them sick have less than a week now to decide whether they'll continue pursuing a lawsuit. if they drop their lawsuit they can apply to be a part of a federal compensation fund. but if their lawsuits are still pending next monday they will be barred for life from receiving any of those funds. >>> a u.s. congressman in the hospital with respiratory problems s
have to go to get a white christmas this year? lubbock, texas. there's something wrong in the world when lubbock,texas is getting snow. more there than in syracuse. a beautiful day around our area. we didn't have to worry about the snow showers here. those of us that like a little snow in our winter are disheartened by the warm weather. 50 degrees today. 37 to start out this morning. the other warm statistic to bury you with, if we finish out the month of december and i think we will, that will be the first time ever in the month of december since we have been keeping records. that only goes back to 1870. right now, 44 degrees with a few fair weather clouds drifting in. a light breeze out of the north at 3 miles per hour. the gusty winds from earlier this afternoon are laid down. it will be gone for most of the evening. 36 in gaithersburg. 39 degrees in brandy wine. a pleasant evening to be outside. temperatures in the mid-30s in the shenandoah valley. get out and enjoy the last day of your christmas weekend. no complaints from the weather department. not much in the way of a rain t
mullen from texas submitted this photo. i hope my husband doesn't shop here. >> ugly fixer liquor. >> there's a back door. it's a small store. people literally sneak in so no one sees them. it's in a small town. who wants to be seen shopping here. >> that is terrible. >> all the girls get prettier at closing time. >> a photo from kayla from tennessee. they couldn't have come up with a better name? >> doody pro. >> i'm a poop person for doody pro. that happens. >> what? >> it's probably smart. >> tells what it is. we know exactly what it is. >> corrine engel from columbus, ohio, sent us this photo. was this a necessary precaution? 0 feet, 0 inches. so don't try diving. >> some people need to have the notice put up. they don't want to be sued. >> maybe water that can be deceiving that it might have inches? >> bizarre. >> don't go in head first. finally, from dayton ohio. this sign is so literal, it's scary. >> it is the end of the road. >> can you imagine? >> not for shirley maclaine. >> all right, everybody. send your photos in. >>> still to come, what you probably never knew about
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free with the exception of new mexico and texas, west texas where snow will be falling around midland and lubbock. rain showers pushing into louisiana. dry in the east. the weather is not going to be a factor. temperatures in the southeast warmer than average for this time of year. 60 in atlanta for christmas eve. last year we had a big snowstorm tracking through the east. so quite a change from one year to the next. 39 is the forecast high for new york city. 41 in denver. christmas day, your sunday forecast still rainy across the south and showers pushing further east, getting closer to the atlanta area. there will be light snow around the lakes and up into the u.p. of michigan. not a ton of snow but a couple inches possible. 46 in new york city by christmas afternoon. 52 in d.c. we still have cold air here. but even in air for this time of year is not that cold. it's right around average for pretty much every state in the country with the exception of texas cooling off with all that rain. 56 your forecast for monday and the rain continues to push through the south and in the tenness
nature. you have family from texas watching this morning. >> i said because the texas girl came up to d.c., i brought the warm weather with me. >> thank you. you know what happens a little bit of northern muscle is going to flex back in. we're going to plummet once we ring in the new year. come sunday evening. so we want to give everybody heads up about that. we're good to go. the weather outside is pretty nice. we have very comfortable 50s out there. rub your eyes and do a double take. 51 is what it is at reagan national. the wind is out of the weft northwest light at 3 miles per hour. we have a few rain drops passing over the metro pal tan area skirting across frederick and montgomery counties. we'll zoom in closer along i-70 that's where the heaviest rain is. i suspect these showers will pass on through this morning and leave us alone. one more batch off to the west. most likely will dry out before they make their way here. as you make your plans on this last day of 2011. 8:00 mostly cloudy skies. 48. we'll be up to 57 by 1:00. 55 at 6:00. today's high 59 with a 62 for fredericksburg
me something, you're from texas. what is the typical new year's eve weather forecast like where you're from? >> i'm from texas, my family is from mexico. so i spent over the holidays in mexico. it's typically pretty mild. cold for us is probably 50, 45. >> so it will cold tonight, but by our standards it's going to be pretty mild around here. so welcome. we have a fantastic weather forecast as we head through new year's eve tonight and through new year's day. late tomorrow evening that's when everything changes. let's enjoy it while we have it. we enjoy having your company, too. let's take a look outside. 50s on the map at reagan national we're at even 50. the humidity is 77%. not much in the way of winds. they're registering calm at the moment. as we look around at the numbers, we still have a pocket of 30s up there. normally where we get some colder air stuck out towards cumberland and haguerstown. mid 50s in fredericksburg. 43 to our west on this said morning. here's what you should be expecting. no problems today. a nice warm up into the 50s. even some 60s this weekend. no probl
the case. >> reporter: in austin, texas, electrician larry scoggins pawned his tools. >> just getting a loan. >> reporter: what are you doing with it? >> i'll try to buy a gift for my mother with it. >> reporter: someone hands over a valuable. it's collateral for the loan. interest rates vary from 20% to more than 200%. which is why sometimes the owners never return. it's just too expensive to pay off the loan. so that collateral goes up for sale. flat screen tvs like these -- used, of course -- sell for as little as $60. >> they would be shopping in walmart and target. this year they are shopping here. >> reporter: ensuring even when money is tight the must have saddle under the tree come christmas morning. kerry sanders, nbc news, austin, texas. >> saddle up. when we come back, do you believe in miracles? one woman's incredible stroke of luck -- or was it skill? ill? [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day with less chronic low back pain. imagine living your life with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a non-narcotic treat
campaign. >> it is time for them to change it. if something is wrong they ought to fix. >> it texas governor rick perry also failed to get enough signatures to appear on the ballot. that means mitt romney and ron paul will be the only republican options for voters when they head to the polls on march 6. >>> calendar might say december 26 but dozens still lined up outside for their christmas presents. this was the scene early this morning outside of the mall at prince george's. shoe fanatics lined up to get new shoes. the shoe lovers say staying up and dealing with the cold temperatures is worth it to be the only one in their neighborhood with these brand-new shoes. >>> huge day for shoppers. thousands are returning gifts today but there are plenty of options and great deals to shoppers can get exactly what they want. news4's megan mcgrath has the story. >> it may the day after christmas but there's an awful lot of shopping going on. the retailers are offering deep discounts. people have gift cards they want to spend. it is very, very busy at area malls. another busy day at the mall.
. on the backside, it's snow. snow in st. louis. also, in toward western portions of texas. take a look at video out of texas. they saw snow and many areas woke up to snow. this is a similar type of snow that we could see in our area come thursday morning. you notice it's on the cars. most of it is melting on those roadways. i think that's the kind of snow we could expect here on wednesday night and into the day on thursday. let's talk about the upcoming system as it makes its way out of texas. here it is, right in here. they are seeing the snow. this is storm number one. here is storm number two. two is going to have the cold air. how cold? right now, it's 21 in omaha, nebraska. 26 in wichita. that's pretty cold. denver, colorado, 7 degrees. the windchill, minus 6. expected to go down to minus 15. that's the windchill in denver. that cold air is coming our way. first, the mild air ahead of us. 66 in raleigh and 66 in atlanta. the mild air ahead. it brings rain and shower activity during the day tomorrow. not a wash out. you could see the rain for an hour or two at a time. mild with temperatures int
the report. >> reporter: the gold at the end of the rainbow over ft. bliss, texas was the return of soldiers who were in iraq and now back in the arms of loved ones. >> it's good. it's about time. >> reporter: over the next few weeks at military insulations, scenes like this play out repeatedly. the drawdown of u.s. troops from iraq is just in time for the holidays. >> i'm very happy that he's going to be here for christmas. we were not expecting him. >> reporter: it's also just what president obama ordered. he went to ft. bragg in north carolina wednesday to cheer those returning himself. >> on behalf of a grateful nation, i'm proud to finally say these two words and i know your families agree, welcome home. [ cheers and applause ] >> welcome home. >> reporter: mostly, the president praised those who went to fight the war since march, 2003. >> we are ending a war, not with a final battle, but a final march toward home. this is an extraordinary achievement. nearly nine years in the making, the war in iraq will soon belong to history. your service belongs to the ages. >> reporter: as he spoke
and texas. is there going to be a warm up on the way for this holiday week? doug kammerer is in the storm center with more. hey, doug? >> that storm system with blizzard conditions, 50-mile-an-hour winds and a lot of snow is going to move our way. what it brings us is going to be different. 49 degrees out there now is the current temperature. winds out of the south. nice and mild across the area after a chilly weekend. current temperatures 53 in martinsburg, west virginia. 50 in winchester. 48 in leesburg. 48 in manassas. fredericksburg, 54 degrees. storm 4 doppler radar, dry. showers trying to form around southern calvert county. we are going to say dry for the most part overnight tonight and through tomorrow morning. there's going to be a chance for shower activity as the frontal boundary makes its way across the region. upper 30s to 40 degrees tomorrow. get out the umbrellas. what you may be able to put away, coming up in a couple minutes. >> thanks, doug. >>> homeowners in the district could face fines under a new law being proposed to help the city clear snow. the plan calls for d.c.
the rain in texas. littlerock, you don't want any more. you had record rainfall for the month of november. expect three to five inches from little rock to east of dallas. likely to see flash flooding from across texas to parts of the mid mississippi river valley. cold in denver. expecting 3 to 7 inches of snow tonight. sunshine in california today. across the eastern seaboard, sunny from boston down to d.c. and atlanta with temperatures in the 50s this afternoon. break here too. 80 in miami. a little on the windy side. sun over the central plains and a little rainy acr >>> and a good sunday morning to you. i'm storm 4 meteorologist chuck bell. off to a bright and sunny start in washington this morning. it is going to be a very pleasant outdoor weather day today. temperatures, which are in the 30s for the most part. 39 in washington. 31, la plata. 32 in baltimore. temperatures in the 30s now. well into the 50s today. mostly sunny. mild with temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. low 60s tomorrow but with plenty of clouds for your monday. >>> now here is jenna. >> janice, thanks. for kroentr
ballot. and the preliminary hearing has been set in texas, governor perry's lawsuit in virginia. perry had tried to file an emergency motion to stop the state from printing ballots without his name on it, but the judge denied it. perry argues that virginia's ballot requirements are, quote, overly burdensome and unconstitutional and that they prevented him from collecting the necessary signatures. >> with the iowa caucuses just four days away, mitt romney is focusing on the state he has ignored most of his campaign. romney, who has stayed away from iowa until now, is now storming the state. the change in strategy comes with rising poll numbers, placing him as a front-runner in the first contest in the country, and now romney is claiming that iowans may ultimately determine who wins the nomination. >> so look at the candidates, decide who you like, and decide who also can become president and can lead the country at a time of challenge. >> ron paul is likely to challenge romney for first, but rick santorum has also surged recently, especially among social conservatives. >>> governor bob
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of the country, just a few exceptions. rain possible in south texas. also in florida. but it's where we're seeing the white. we could see several inches of snow. but only in a few locations. most of the spots here in white just going to pick up a dusting. it's going to be places like buffalo, new york and niagara false. could see maybe 5, 6, 8 inches of snow. and watertown, new york could see a foot of snow on the ground. so it's going to be that lake-effect snow. big reason for that, that cold air moving over the lakes picks up that relatively warmer water, that moisture from the warmer water and dumps a whole bunch of snow. mild in the south, still a few lingering snow showers coming off the great lakes. this is more representative of what we're expecting. the snow is only on one side. that's an indication we're talking about lake-effect snow. picking up that moisture and dropping it on the far side of the lake from where the wind is coming from. down right cold on saturday. upper 20s for highs in minneapolis and chicago. so very chilly. a few showers still in florida and southern texas on sund
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